DFO Funds

Two fully automated quantitative trading algorithms that use Deep Learning and Machine Learning models plus more than 500 features for signal generation. It is also facilitated with various Risk Management and Coin Selection approaches.

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DFO Platform

A platform for helping the fund managers with traders’ analysing, finding the trading bias of market winners and losers, and providing an all-inclusive report for the clients and DFO fund.

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DFO Token

DFO token is a tokenized ETF managed by artificial intelligence and its market value is aligned with the DFO Crypto fund NAV.

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DFO Funds

Many investors have attempted to use machine learning for trading, but coming up with a profitable and low-risk strategy based on these models is a complex and time-consuming task.
Instead of spending all the time and effort in training and testing models, investing in funds that are using ML models is more appealing and cost-effective for individuals.
Thanks to years of machine learning and finance experience, DFO has developed two robust models with high revenue and low-risk;  strategies that are successful in different test scenarios and have been trading in the crypto market for more than two years.

Why choose DFO Funds?

  • Fully Automated Algorithmic Trading Approaches
  • In Both Spot and Futures Markets
  • Scientific Quantitative Methods Based on Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Order Generation
  • Rigorous Data Analysis Techniques for Risk Management and Bet Sizing
  • Interactive Platform for Reporting and Trade Analysing
  • Order Execution and position management using Machine learning

DFO Platform

DFO Platform provides a comprehensive list with (more than 100 features) for traders and asset managers and enables them to automatically analyse the traders’ performance and their trading behaviors.

Besides the full-scale traders report, the platform provides an award-winning behavioral analytics service based on the Nudge theory.

The platform using data analytics, machine learning, and statistical scoring furnishes a powerful feedback loop for active investment decisions. The result has continuous improvement, greater process discipline, and proven gains in investment performance.

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Why choose DFO platform?

DFO platform’s investable attributes analyse historical trades and traders’ behavioral data through the industry-leading ML engine. The proprietary algorithms use machine learning to detect behavioral patterns – the good ones that contribute to alpha, and the poor ones that destroy it. Investable attributes are useful financial and mathematical factors in order to assess the quality of a trader’s strategy. Many researchers and companies tried to build a comprehensive tool to optimize trading strategy assessment.

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Tokenized ETF startup revolutionizes blockchain-traded fund management

It is not a secret that tokenization is a much-used innovative expression related to investment and fund management based on digitalization and blockchain. A tokenized ETF, known as a digital ETF or a BTE (blockchain-traded ETF) is one where shares or units in the fund, or a feeder fund for it, are digitally represented and can be traded and recorded on a distributed ledger. As the founders of DFetf, Dr Sasan Barak and his partners in DFO, Deep Finance Organization, have created a tokenized ETF that is not only an innovative BTE, but it also promotes investment safety and profitability level.