DFO Token

Invest in an ETF managed by machine learning and benefit from its performance through one unique token.

What is DFO Token

Take the benefits of mutual fund investing to the next level.

Thanks to years of experience in machine leaming and finance, the DFO team has developed a robust model with high revenue and low risk; An algorithmic trading system (DFO Crypto) that is successful in different test scenarios and has been trading in the market for more than two years.
DFO cuts out the middleman, the platform, and is thus able to offer significantly lower fees of portfolio management to customers all around the world.
The benefits are clear and many: no trading stress, automated algorithmic trading with full transparency, no broker fees, no exit fees, and a liquidity pool for supporting the token.

Liquidity pool

Minimize investment risk

DFO supports the token based on the profits from its algorithmic trading system (Crypto fund) and the majority of portfolio profits add into a liquidity pool for supporting the token.
In order to decrease the token’s risk, DFO Token smart contract makes sure that there are always sufficient resources available in the liquidity pool.

Our benefit

ETF as a Token

DFO is not a platform, it is a fully functioning product, and its token value is based on portfolio net asset value (NAV). However, by increasing the market cap, it can be gone further than the underlying portfolio NAV, but with token raising strategy, we plan to make the token as close to its NAV value.
DFO tokens are directly tied to the underlying assets with a novel liquidation option that can be exercised via the smart contract. This function ensures a greatest lower bound (infimum) on the market value based on our portfolios NAV.


Get access to a diverse stocks portfolio by holding a single token


Buy and sell anytime, markets are open

Smart Contracts

Manage assets by high speed, secure and efficient Technology

Cost Saving

Buying or selling DFetf is cost effective with low fees


Echange DFetf with any coins or tokens in no time


Full transparency of intrinsic value, and protocol.

Crypto FAQ's

Deep Finance Ltd (DFO) is a start-up that enhances the profitability and decreases the risk of investors by employing  novel AI-based techniques in algorithmic trading. 

ETFs are baskets of assets traded like securities. They can be bought and sold on an open exchange, just like regular stocks, as opposed to mutual funds, which are only priced at the end of the day.

DFO provides its token while the token sale funding will be used to buy the underlying coins. DFO supports the token based on the profits from its algorithmic trading system.

Our crypto etf (AlgoPort ) works by hunting unique investment opportunities by artificial intelligence considering thousands of variables and macroeconomic and microeconomic data and taking into account different risk measurements. The AlgoPort is based on deep Reinforcement learning approach consisting of the top 100 shares in the US stock market, with daily rebalancing.